Your Initial Consultation

When you attend our practice you will be greeted by our friendly and supportive chiropractic assistants. They will ask you to complete some initial information and then show you around.

Your chiropractor will then take a thorough history and complete a full examination. This will be client and case specific and at the end of that he/she will discuss with you whether your case is indeed a chiropractic case and what further information will be needed. In many cases the next step is for a radiographic (x-ray) examination to see specifically the condition of your spine and determine the most appropriate form and schedule of care.

Your Report Visit

On your second visit your chiropractor will review your complete case with you including any X-ray findings. He/she will show you what is seen on your X-rays, explain what is required, what a Chiropractic adjustment is, and what schedule is recommended for your care. A written folder with details of all this information will be provided for you to take home. We encourage our clients to bring a family member or trusted friend to the report visit to ask any questions and also to have another person hear the information for your reference at a later time.

From There

Your visits from there will be determined by the findings in your report visit. Your Chiropractic Adjustments will be scheduled in advance on days and times that suit you. You will also have scheduled Progressive and Comparative examinations periodically to check your progress and health and wellness goals are being achieved.